There are a lot of problems that should be paid attention to in the processing of injection molding parts, including the requirements of the injection machine. In order to reduce the internal stress and surface quality defects, the following problems should be paid attention to in the injection molding process.
 Injection molding parts should be selected with special screw and injection machine with separate temperature control nozzle.
Injection molding temperature is usually higher when injection temperature of plastic parts is not decomposed.
The injection pressure is generally high to overcome the defect of high viscosity of the melted material, but too high pressure will cause internal stress to cause the difficulty and deformation of mold release.
The injection speed is generally lower than that of mold filling. It is best to use slow, fast, slow, multi stage injection.
The holding time and molding cycle should be as short as possible to minimize the residence time of the melt in the cylinder when the mold is filled, and no dents or bubbles are formed.
The screw speed and back pressure should be as low as possible to meet the possibility of degradation under the premise of satisfying plasticizing quality.
The cooling of the processed products of the injection molded parts has a great influence on the quality, so the mold temperature must be able to control the process accurately. If possible, the mold temperature is better.

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